We spend 50% of the time talking about the birthing experience,

and 50% of the time talking about AFTER the baby comes.

All the information you really need to know.

A holistic antenatal course preparing you for the arrival of your tiny human. Run by a trained midwife and mental/relational health counsellor, this course is designed to prepare you and your family for birth and beyond.

What makes us different to other antenatal courses on offer?

As you would expect from an antenatal course, half the sessions will be spent preparing you well for the birth experience.  However, it is the second half of the course that sets us apart. We'll talk about what happens AFTER the baby comes.  This practical how-to of parenting and relationship building will give you the tools you need to step confidently into your parenting journey.


“My favorite part (other than learning about birth), was learning about baby's routines, breastfeeding, sleeping techniques and talking about parenting roles / logistics with my partner for when baby arrives" - Megan